New Pokémon anime series: Pocket Monsters

by Valda Fox

The Pokémon company has announced some amazing news – there are new anime series coming. The title is “Pocket Monsters”. This is the same title that was used in the original 1997 Pokemon TV series.

A teaser trailer was released at the end of the SM137 broadcast yesterday. Also, a new Twitter account was created too.

“Pocket Monsters” will be special series because it will cover all the regions that have appeared in the games so far. From Kanto Region all the way to Galar Region and different Pokémon that live in these regions will appear.

So far there is not much information on “Pocket Monsters”, but we will get to know more on September 29, at 6pm when the TV Tokyo tv program “Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon” will air.

Here is the trailer that was released. It is only 20 seconds long and shows various Pokémon including Sobble, Scorbunny, Grookey etc.

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