Black Desert PS4: New trailer with Megan Fox

by Valda Fox

Black Desert Is a stunning online open world MMORPG that has been available on PC for quite a while but it came out for consoles just recently. Black Desert now is launched for PlayStation 4. And game developers Pearl Abyss have released a new live action trailer of the Black Desert PS4 that features Megan Fox.

The short a little over one-minute trailer shows Megan Fox having some car troubles and then seeing a blue light beam, running to it and seeing a console covered in sand. She reaches for the console and it transforms her into Black Desert PS4 character.

In Black Desert the player gets an opportunity to fight with giant bosses and monsters. Fight together with their guild members for control of nodes. The games tagline reads “become your true self”. And players achieve that with Black Deserts very user-friendly customization tools that help players to create their own unique character.

There is also a almost two minute long behind-the-scenes video with Megan Fox where she talks about how she believes in this game positively impacting on today’s youth. Megan Fox says: “I think something that can be really beneficial about a game like this one, especially for young kids or teenagers when they’re playing it, is you get to discover the qualities about yourself that you want to enhance, you really appreciate, because maybe at the moment it is something that’s only on the screen, but you can realize that it is something that you can bring to life for real.”

Further Megan Fox explains why she thinks that this game can help young girls mental health: “It’s almost therapeutic, it’s a way for them to discover who they want to be and who they’ve always been. I think for young girls especially right now there is such toxicity on social media, within their own schools, and just in their lives. It is definitely hard to be a girl.” 

Black Desert PS4 is available right now.

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