Star Ocean: First Departure R – trailer and release date

by Valda Fox

The game first was revealed in May promising a worldwide release in the near future. Now it is official, Star Ocean: first Departure R will be released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on December 5, 2019 in Japan and it will cost 3,200 yen. Unfortunately, the date for the western release has not been confirmed jet.

Star Ocean series first game debuted as Super Famicon Star Ocean game back in 1996. And the upcoming Star Ocean: First Departure R is passed on the 2007 PSP iteration that was already a boosted version of the 1996 game mentioned before.

Star Ocean: First Departure R will have highly improved quality of the graphics – high-definition visuals. The new functions will also include an ability for players to swap between First Departure R new and First Departure previous artwork. The game will also allow players faster movement thanks to a new speed boost feature.

Another exciting development in the game will be the full voice-overs. The Super Famicom did not have voice-overs outside of the battle, that is why the voice-overs are now freshly recorded by Super Famicom and also First Departure game casts. And the same as with the illustrations that you can switch between, the players will be able to switch between First Departure and First Departure R voice casts. Luckily the official website of the game states that the text and voices will be available both in Japanese and English. Though we don’t know if the English voices will be redone too.

Here is the new Star Ocean: First Departure R trailer:

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