Best Games to Play Nintendo Switch multiplayer

by Valda Fox

Nintendo Switch is one of the most fun platforms on which to play with your friends. There is so much variety. You can play it in portable mode on the go or on the TV at home. Games in multiplayer mode can be played wirelessly – locally and online; Joy-Con controllers, in tabletop mode. Nintendo is specially made to enjoy with everyone, the slogan even says “Play anywhere, anytime, with anyone”. So here are listed Nintendo Switch multiplayer games that will be fun to play with your family and friends.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Now this game is one of the favorite true party games. This game is created especially for making the most fun parties – game nights. This game pack has five different board games and the game can be played by up to eight players. There is a game called Fakin’ It that will show who is the best liar in the room and who knows how to blend in the best; Trivia Murder Party where a diabolical killer will quiz you to death; Guesspoinage a fun guessing game; Tee K.O. and Quiplash 2.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Super Mario Maker 2

There is no surprise that Super Mario Bros game is one of the games in this list. Super Mario Bros have been one of the all-time favorite games and it is fun to play in multiplayer too. The game allows the players to complete various courses together with other players. Players can even design the game courses together online. And the communication her is the key, even responsibility distribution is crucial and players need to work together to make a successful stage. However, we all know that Super Mario Maker 2 is not famous for the multiplayer. But it is just too fun not to mention it. You can go online and play game stages created by players all around the world. Some stages are really hard and the game makers even admit that some stages are so original that they include elements that they couldn’t even dream of.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Splatoon 2

In this very popular Wii U game Splatoon 2 the player gets to be an Inkling who tries to cover a large chunk of Inkopolis with paint. The basic game mode is a battle – four versus four players and the goal here is to complete tasks as a team by spreading paint while using different brushes and guns. Though this game is a hoot playing in multiplayer, unfortunately it does not support split screen multiplayer. So, players have to play with local wireless Switch consoles or play online.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together!

In Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together! There are two players and they are taking the control over anthropomorphic pieces of paper. Teamwork here is crucial to complete each stage in which players have to solve a little puzzle. Here players will have to adjust one another by using scissors and as a result you will be able to reach some areas, retrieve objects or press buttons by changing your shape. The game also has very exciting visuals – every stage is like different page in a note book. There is also a party mode available in this game that allows up to four players and invites you into a exciting competition like a basketball minigame.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Now this is a Mario game that truly is the most fun when played together with friends of family. And this game is also ideal to play in parties, because it has very easy controls to learn and the game can be a hit with both experienced switch gamers and just casual gamers or even first-time gamers. There are plenty of competitive battle modes and races. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has online support, a split-screen mode and wireless local multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is a great cooperative cooking game. In this game you have to work as a team and prepare multiple dishes for very hungry customers. Sounds quite simple, but its actually not. You have to move very fast, but precise. Players can even throw ingredients to one another, though be careful because this is not a regular kitchen. You are working in. The kitchens in this game a constantly shifting, it is a pseudo-platforming game. Overcooked 2 supports online and local multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Mario Tennis Aces

This is jet another Mario game in sports game genre. Mario Tennis Aces is another game that will be easy to play for beginers but entertaining enough for more advanced Switch gamers. It is a tennis video game with a twist. Here every character that you can choose has a specific set of skills and special moves and even the ability to do some serious damage to your opponent’s racket. Mario Tennis Aces also has various courts and it supports online and local multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

This game is a fun 2v2 player arcade basketball game. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 has a lot of characters to choose from – all of the current NBA teams and legend players such as Michael Jordan. This is the funnier and more casual version of NBA 2K19.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris is mix of two very loved grid-based puzzle video games. In this game you can play a mode that drops both Tetrominoes and Puyo Puyos on the same grid or you can also choose to play each puzzle separately. There are various rulesets and challenging modes that you can choose from. Puyo Puyo Tetris supports local and also online multiplayer up to four players.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This is definitely one of the best crossover fighting games on Nintendo Switch. Up to eight players can play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at once and there are plenty of various characters to choose from. Plenty of various stages. And the rules are simple – be the first one to knock out your opponent out of an arena. The game supports both offline and online multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

This is a console exclusive of Diablo III that combines both Rise of the Necromancer and Ultimate Evil Edition. It is a very fun single player experience but its even more fun teaming up with three other players, friends or family members to crawl dungeons together. The game supports both offline and online multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer


Now there is no real need to introduce this game to anyone, because everybody knows Minecraft. When playing Minecraft in local up-to-four multiplayer, you can occupy a world, explore and build together with your friends. Minecraft supports cross-platform online multiplayer, so you can enjoy this game with your creative non-switch players too.

Nintendo Switch multiplayer

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a very fun Nintendo Switch game and it is free-to-play, it is one of the most popular games played on Switch. Gather up your squad of up to four players and embark on a survival round where up to 100 players will participate with you, but at the end there will be only one team that’s survived.

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