Pokémon Go: The star of October’s Community Day – Trapinch

by Valda Fox

The date is set, Pokémon Go Community Day in October will be on October 12. The main focus on this day will be put on a Pokémon called Trapinch. This Pokémon Go event – Community Day will happen from 11 a.m. until 2.p.m. in players local time.

Trapinch is a small, cute Ground-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation III. His final form of evolution is Flygon which is a ground and also a dragon type Pokémon. There are some speculations on Flygon learning a very powerful move called Earth Power move. Learning this move would make Flygon a great ground-type attacker. Though as for the dragon type moves, Draco Metor etc., he could learn them but there would be no substantial use to it. Because Flygon would still be outclassed by another Pokémon’s that are dragon type. Though there is no harm in still collecting it.

The star of this Community Day – Trapinch of course will be available in Shiny form as well and it will be at a higher rate. Once the Community Day is over the rate will drop to normal rate which is very low.

During this Pokémon Go event players will also have triple catch XP and all the lures that players will place will last for three hours.

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