Echo of Soul RED – MMORPG coming soon

by Valda Fox

The Korean video game developer Blue Potion Games is working on a new MMORPG that is based on the PC online game Echo of Soul. The mobile version of this game will be called Echo of Soul RED and it was first announced back in April and we have heard very little information about this upcoming game since then. Though it is said that the game will be released in the third quarter of the year in Taiwan, China and Japan and other side of the world will get it soon after that. Well, we are in it, so the hopes are that is will be coming very soon.

The events of Echo of Soul RED are taking place 50 years after the original Echo of Soul events. And this game will not be just a mobile version of the same exact PC game that everybody knows. Here is what we know about the game so far:

  • Three game classes have been announced – Archer, Warrior and Sorceress.
  • The gameplay in this game is focusing on collaboration and competition. The competition is represented by the PK system and as for the collaboration – co-op boss dungeons. And both collaboration and competition will be fulfilled by the large-scale fights like guild wars.
  • All field maps will have open-world PK available (up to 200 players on the same map). And what’s even more fun, those who really love hardcore PK will be able to go to a Chaos Dungeon where after each player kill some items will be dropped. And if you seek for revenge there will be a bounty system too that will allow you to take revenge on killers.
  • The game will be fairly simple to understand and play. Various pets and costumes will be available too. Also, there will be a version of this game that will be only for 18+ players.

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