ArchAge Walk – coming for mobile devices

by Gints Grigulis

ArcheAge Walk launches AR mobile games from IP

Kakao Games said that in addition to fighting, ‘ArcheAge’ is a game that has a complete set of components, including Housing, movement. And the vast world Because with the introduction of an AR game that emphasizes location and area!

Kakao Games today announced that its subsidiary, Life MMO Corp, has Signed a contract with XLGAMES to license the ArchAge IP to create a new location-based match, ArcheAge Walk. If you did not know, Kakao Games is currently a stable associate of XLGAMES, having made a significant monetary investment in the growth of the brand new cellphone MMORPG, Moonlight Sculptor.

On the other hand, ArcheAge is a Korean public online MMORPG that was launched in 2013 by CEO Song Jae Kyung, who developed the first game, created a buzz for the industry by developing the game himself. By myself The game comes with a lot of content on the fantasy world. Which is currently open for service in over 64 countries And has over 20 million players!

To make matters clear, development will primarily be done by Life MMO Corp, maybe not XLGAMES. Kakao Games stated that ArcheAge Isn’t Just about Combat, but also features such as vehicles and housing which could make up Its own world. Combined with real-life location-based elements, the Team at Life MMO Corp believed that there’s space for an effective game. Games, with a goal to provide a variety of new content which fuses game Components like competitive pleasure, rewards, and feeling of accomplishment Through location-based service technology. Stay tuned!

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