Blade X Lord is set to launch in November 2019

by Gints Grigulis

A brand new mobile game from the developer Brave Frontier

After the opening of the first limited edition test on Sep 17 ago And because of the better response than expected, Applibot announced the second round of testing on September 19, following closely. For now players must live in Japan only to be eligible to participate in the test. Therefore, others can only register in advance via Official website or via Google Play and App Store on Japanese stores only!

App Store has revealed that it will be available on the Japanese store on Nov 15, so let’s wait and see which level is accurate.

The developer revealed that there are 3 stories that will be specially focused for this game, namely the world, the story and the fight, with this game being a completely 3D RPG, that comes with the graphics of the pictures, as well as having a CG cut scene for us to enjoy as well Which the game system seems to be familiar to players is to gather characters go on an adventure in the world and various upgrades which we have to wait for more information from the developer again.

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