Mu Online Season 15 – New class slayer

by Gints Grigulis

New character class will released soon on Korea server, it will be short ranged Blade Master style character

MU Online is proving itself as among those evergreen MMORPG names from South Korea and Lineage 1, and recently developer Webzen declared the 10th character for mu online season 15 episode. The new character Slayer has an interesting narrative, with her being a human fused together with a bat demon during an illegal experiment. Slayer employs a short sword as her main weapon, and seems like an Dark Knight style character as she uses close range attacks: bat skills like supersonic waves to monitor and chase after enemies. Slayer will have upgrade classes: 1th Slayer, 2nd Royal Slayer, 3rd Master Slayer, 4th Slaughterer.

Recently Webzen released female type character Rune Wizard (female version of Dark Wizard), now its time for DK. Slayer will make her debut on 24 September from the Korean host of MU Online as part of their Season 15 content, together with a new 10x”speed” server. Still some private servers with Season 15 are already out, like slayermu mu online project and more!

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