Witch Weapon is available now for iOS and Android

by Gints Grigulis

After pre-registration through the Apple App Store and Google Play before, Leiting Games has released  Witch Weapon,  a mobile action RPG game in cute anime style. On the Thai store is completed for both iOS and Android.


Witch Weapon is a cute action RPG mobile anime style game. That has a story about a boy who comes into the body of a girl The guardian spirits can be chosen to join the team for 4 people at a time. Each spirit has different weapons, whether it be a double sword, a sickle, a giant hammer, or many other cool ultimate moves.

Witch Weapon has adopted the character switching strategy of the character. As well as collecting witches and weapons that are combined with a great strategy !! Which is an action RPG game with a high quality system. The game Witch Weapon opens with the city being destroyed in front of the eyes. It’s something you don’t want it to happen … But suddenly !! With bright light appearing in the presence And you will wake up from the bed in the morning and meet the city that is normally happy Along with the new body that became a woman! (Chest too!)

Written in this size, definitely agreeing to the MoE line. The gameplay is similar to Marvel Future Fight, but the interesting thing is the integration system. (Requesting permission to call this way) that is, we can choose the guardians spirits to join the team at 4 times, with these spirits will be different in terms of weapons used. Including a pair of swords, a giant sickle, and an enormous ultimate.

Facebook Fanpage:  WitchWeaponEN

iOs Store: HERE

Play Store: HERE

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