Black Desert Mobile – pre-registration on Google Play and App Store

by Valda Fox

The pre-registration for Black Desert Mobile has been open for quite a while now on their official website. Though the pre-registrations through Google Play or App Store have not been activated jet. But we have some great news mobile MMORPG developer Pearl Abyss has announced today that the game players are now able to pre-register for Black Desert Mobile through App Store and Google Play. Though if you already pre-registrated on the website there is no need to do that again through these application stores.

Adventurers can receive exclusive in-game items by signing up on Black Desert Mobile’s official website, then pre-registering or pre-ordering on Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

What is interesting and quite disappointing at the same time is that no real release date has been announced. All that we know is that game developer Pearl Abyss has promised that Black Desert Mobile will launch this year. But this year has just three short months left. So either we will be able to play Black Dessert Mobile very very soon or Pearl Abyss will disappoint us by pushing the release date to the next year 2020.

When pre-registrating for Black Desert Mobile on App Store it shows that the launch date will be on December 12, 2019. Though we should not trust this given the history of App Store showing “launch dates”.


Black Desert Mobile is an MMOPRG mobile game that uses the original IP ‘Black Desert’, an online PC game developed by Pearl Abyss. Which is popular throughout the world, including Asia, Europe and North America through various content. With so many realistic graphics and intense action scenes, Black Desert Mobile has been considered one of the most hopeful games of 2018.

The game comes with many classes such as Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch, Valkyire, Customize system, 7 fighting content, including daily life content that everyone has been waiting for, such as fishing, Search for resources, mine, cut wood, and produce goods in 3 main territories that asgardmu Black Desert fans are familiar with, whether it’s Balenos, Serendia or Calpheon.

Desert Black Desert Mobile ◀
A global game chosen by players from over 150 countries around the world!
Feel the realism in the mobile format.

■ Fierce battles and thrilling attacks
Enjoy the virtual character And enjoy the spectacular skills. Black Desert Mobile offers you the best games.

■ Superb graphics
Superb graphic beyond words! Including beautiful scenes and detailed game quality That comes for everyone to experience in a mobile form

■ Delicate character customization
From a simple change of look As well as deep drawing in every detail Everything can be customized!
Take mobile gaming to the next level Join to customize the drama with unique characteristics.

■ Lots of content in an extensive world
Go on an adventure with your beloved pet and horse, a well-prepared fishing and survival system, and a well-prepared camp system. To support playing various styles of games

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