Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls – soft-launch test in Canada

by Valda Fox

Not so long ago at Tokyo Game Show video game developer Konami revealed some new content of the MMORPG Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls. Developer also revealed that there will be a soft-launch of the game but only in Canada though. And the day is here the test period for the game is here.  During this soft-launch, developers are just making sure that every player in the game is satisfied with the game and can play it smoothly. The soft launch is essential for the game to make sure that everything is in order and works just fine before opening up the game for the mases.

What the soft-launch has revealed?

Castlevania series game fans will be glad to know that there is no automatic gameplay anywhere in the game. We can see that there is a loot box system. This is a system where every player goes to get sub weapons, main weapons, armor pieces etc. During this soft launch every new player gets a free 10x.

When you look at the loot box you notice that every peace of equipment is being shared amongst all the characters. The big plus of this is that players don’t have to craft multiple pieces, this does not apply to weapons though.

We can also see that each character has their own costume of course and it does not make any difference in characters stats. The various costumes in the game can be unlocked by using the in-game currency. Lets hope that the soft launch runs smoothly and players in every other country in the world will get to play Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls pretty soon. Those lucky Canadians…

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