4Story: Age of Heroes set to be released for mobile

by Valda Fox

4Story originally is a fantasy PC MMORPG and when it was first released it was very popular and had great reviews. Over time as more and more new MMORPG titles showed up its popularity started to fade a bit. But now the game will get a majestic comeback in a form of a mobile version. The game will be called 4Story: Age of Heroes.

In this game very player starts of as a solo player and as he plays more and more, he earns the right to unlock multiplayer modes like for example – real-time boss raids and PVP. The single player has 24 chapters with exactly 288 levels. During these levels the players will do things like earn gear, upgrade gear, go on daily guild territory wars and so much more.

4Story was developed by Zemi Interactive company. This company has been developing games for 17 years now and one other famous MMORPG title that it has developed is Travia. Don’t worry if you don’t know this title and don’t bother to look it up it does not exist anymore. The 4Story though is still going strong. The English server of the game is now under Gameforge. The game has been translated into almost 20 different languages so far.

The pre-registration for 4Story: Age of Heroes is already open!

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