Dragon Quest of the Stars – Closed Beta coming soon

by Valda Fox

The mobile RPG Dragon Quest of the Stars has already been launched in Japan for 4 years (2015). The game developer Square Enix has just announced that this wildly popular game will be coming to west in early 2020.

Dragon Quest of the Stars takes its players to an intergalactic adventure – saving various planets. The players get to design their own character that will be different from everyone else. The creator of this amazing artwork is Akira Toriyama (a manga artist). And if the player chooses to play in a solo mode, he can choose two companions who will follow the player on their journey. IF the player chooses to pay in multiplayer there can be up to three players. For players to communicate with one another they can use themed stickers that were designed by Kanahei who is a famous illustrator and emoji creator.

In Dragon Quest of the Stars players fight against monsters that are similar to all the other monsters that can be found in other Dragon Quest series. Players fight the monsters by using the touch controls that have been optimized for mobile. With strategic management of the skill gauge there are many powerful attack combos available. Before the players go into a fight, they can select four items that they can use to their advantage during the fight.

Dragon Quest of the Stars will be a free-to-play game app and of course in-app purchases will be available both on Android and iOS in early 2020.

The Closed Beta testing will begin on October 30 on Android only.

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