League of Wonderland – fantasy RTS launched worldwide!

by Valda Fox

The Japanese videogame developer and publishers SEGA newest project – League of Wonderland is now officially launched across Europe and America. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

In this mobile real-time strategy game League of Wonderland, the players are wielding a deck of eight cards. Every card has its own weaknesses and strengths. To win a battle in this game the player has a two-minute limit to destroy their opponent’s towers. Would you be good at that? Download the game now and find out!

League of Wonderland pre-registration had over 350 000 players. While the game is in launch phase all the players will have their rewards in the game:

  • 1000 gold & 100 crystal
  • Hero card “Great Sage Monkey” *rewarded upon reaching D1 league
  • Hero card “Queen of Hearts” *rewarded upon reaching D2 league
  • Hero card “Moon Goddess Artemis” *rewarded upon reaching D3 league
  • Hero card “Peter the Kid” *rewarded upon reaching C league
  • Hero card “Ruler of Heavens Zeus” *rewarded upon reaching D1 league
  • Hero card “Iron Hook” *rewarded upon reaching D2 league
  • Hero card “Snow Queen” *rewarded upon reaching D3 league

About League of Wonderland

In this game the players find out what happens to famous and beloved fairytale, history and mythology characters after their stories have already been told. League of Wonderland gives you the answer to this question. Turs out there is a place where these characters are behind drawn to. And here they get their time to shine again.

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