The King of Fighters Allstar: pre-registration is open!

by Valda Fox

The pre-registration for the upcoming game The King of Fighters Allstar (mobile action RPG) is now open. This great news was announced by Netmarble. The games official “Global Grand Launch” has already been announced – it will be on October 22. It is quite fast considering that the game first was announced only in March.

The upside of players pre-registering is that they will be able to receive “Option Cards” that are based on Kyo Kusangi and Iori Yagami who are legendary fighters in this game’s series. The players are able to pre- register for The King of Fighters Allstar both on App Store as well as in google Play. Also, when reaching a certain pre-registration milestones, there will be some premium rewards and some special characters shared:

  • 50,000 pre-registrations reached: 1x Baseball Yuri Character
  • 150,000 pre-registrations reached: 100 Rubies and 10 Rare EXP Capsules
  • 400,000 pre-registrations reached: 1x Baseball Yuri Card
  • 700,000 pre-registrations reached: 400 Rubies and 10 Plus Capsule Boxes
  • 1,000,000 pre-registrations reached: 1x 5★ Fighter Selector

In The King of Fighters Allstar players will be able to fight giant bossess, various waves of enemies, rival fighter teams and all in fast-paced action. The game will have realy fast animations, fantastic graphics, bold colors and more that 50 various fighters that the players can collect and upgrade. For the franchise lovers The King of Fighters Allstar will bring a ton of fun and engaging new content that will leave players of hours and hours of fun gaming.

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