Mario Kart Tour – mobile download record – 90 million

by Valda Fox

It has been one week since the kart racing mobile game Mario Kart Tour has been released and available for download on Android and iOS devices. And in these short seven days the game already has over 90 million downloads! This makes Mario Kart Tour the most successful Nintendo’s mobile game launch that there has ever been. Before this game the title of “the most successful launch” belonged to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Now Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp doesn’t even stand next to Mario Kart Tour, because the Mario franchise game had six times more downloads in 7 days than Animal Crossing did.

While the game is first in downloads it does not take the first place in terms of revenue. The game is in third place with $12.7 million. The first and second place belongs to Fire Emblem Heroes with $28.2 million and Super Mario Run with $16.1 million.

Though it is expected that Mario Kart Tour will bring in more money moving forward. Other statistics about the game show who plays Mario Kart Tour more – Android or iOS device users. 59% of downloads are Android device users. Though what is interesting is that while there are less iOS downloads than Android downloads, iOS is earning more revenue than Android. If you calculate the average spent per one download it works out to $0.26 on iOS device and $0.06 on Android device.

If you are wondering which country in the world loves Mario Kart Tour the most – it’s USA. The United States of America has 13.2 million downloads and they brought in $5.8 million for Nintendo. Japan is the second to love the game the most and brought in $4 million.

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