Moonlight Sculptor – two new game trailers

by Valda Fox

South Korean video game publisher Kakao Games and videogame developer XLGAMES have released not one but two new videos that showcase the upcoming MMORPG mobile game Moonlight Sculptor. The game has an official release date in South Korea. The game will be released on October 10 in South Korea.

One of the trailers that have been released is called “Launch classes trailer” and it obviously showcases the five starting classes. The classes are: Warrior, who slashes things with his sword; Archer, who uses the bow and arrows to do some serious damage on its enemies; Wizard, who uses magic in its battles; Paladin, who has a weapon and also a shield; Sculptor, who has a big knife.  

The second video shows all five classes in PVE and PvP combat in Moonlight Sculptor. It looks like the most interesting class is the Sculptors class.

The game Moonlight Sculptor is based on “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” which is a very popular novel. Also interesting fact is that Moonlight Sculptor already has more than 3 million pre-registrations in South Korea.

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