Lineage 2 Essence – new PC server in Europe

by Valda Fox

A Russian video game publisher 4game just recently announced their new project – Lineage 2 Essence. The game server will be a new version of the usual PC MMORPG. Play the game now.

This new game server will put emphasis on making the game more enjoyable for players who want to be able to level up a bit faster than the regular servers allow you to. When players can level up faster, they gain the access to features like raids and PVP faster than in a regular server. And let’s be honest these features are re real reason why most players even start to play this game.

The 4games company also has released games like RF Online, Ragnarok Online and Lineage 2. The company is created by Innova company.

Here are listed the main features of the new Lineage 2 Essence server:

  • 90 levels, 6 races and 34 classes
  • Weekly Hero Status
  • Daily Olympiad
  • Players will be independent form other players
  • Auto-hunting feature and accelerated leveling
  • Huge sieges in the server
  • Boss raids will be fun for a single player as well as for a clan
  • A few Bosses levels have been increased
  • No need for multiple accounts for one player

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