New Norse mythology mobile MMORPG – Project Odin

by Valda Fox

The new South Korea video game developer Lionheart Studio revealed the new video game back in August. Lionheart Studio was founded by Kim Jae Young who is considered as a video game industry veteran. Though the new video game Project Odin that they are planning on releasing got its first teaser trailer just a few days back. Apparently the new mobile game Project Odin will be the first game, that is a mobile game which uses 3D scan and motion capture. This technology will allow the game to be epic in realistic play.

When you watch this new teaser trailer of Project Odin you can hear some definitely familiar names like – Freya, Thor, Odin, Yggdrasil and Loki. That is of course because the mobile MMORPG is based on Norse mythology (myths of the North Germanic people). The game Ragnarök Online is also based on a setting that is very close to this game. Project Odin will feature monsters of all kind and massive, impressive fields. The game claims to be ultra- realistic, cant wait to see if the game will meet its expectations.

This new mobile MMORPG Project Odin is set to be released in South Korea some time newt year, though probably not in the first quarter.

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