New mobile MMORPG – Spiritwish launches worldwide

by Valda Fox

Nexon just released a new mobile MMORPG that is developed by NEON Studio. The game is called Spiritwish and it is packed with enchanted characters and set in a magnificent world. Game developer NEON Studio is a company that was created by old-time developers who created games like Tree of Savior, Ragnarök Online and Granado Espada. Since yesterday the game is available for download worldwide for both Android and iOS devices on Google Play and App Store.

In this game Spiritwish the player is the one commanding a team of heroes who are trying to protect their world by following in the footsteps of the Three Gods. Spiritwish game has some features to make the player experience a bit unique. Here are some of the main features:

A Global Online Access. No mater where you are located you can team up with any player all around the world and explore the game world which is packed with co-op raids.

Multi-character playability. In this game you operate you can operate up to three characters at once and do some real triple-damage and build your dream team. Every character that you choose has its own special powers.

One-handed Mode. A dream come true for every mobile gamer on the go. There is a simple function that is very easy to use and with it players will be able to play single-handed.

Daily Dungeons. There will be new and unique missions waiting for players every day. Buy unlocking the missions, great awards await you. You can team up with up to nine characters in The Onkalo Dungeon for a nine-character challenge.


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