Teaser trailer released for MMORPG Gran Saga

by Valda Fox

NPIXEl, South Korean developer just released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming MMORPG – Gran Saga. This game will be available for both PC gaming and mobile gaming fans. The team of developers developing Gran Saga are the team of former Seven Knights staff. In Gran Saga players are  exploring the game-world in search of the powerful Gran Weapons, crafted using Unreal Engine 4.

Gran Saga character

For now only four heroes have been revealed and each of them has an elemental symbol which will probably affect battles. Also, there are twenty Gran Weapons revealed. With the weapons there are some characters that have not been announced officially jet. IT is possible that each weapon has its spirit which is in a humanoid form.

Gran Saga weapon

Gran Saga MMORPG is coming in 2020.

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