Marvel Realm of Champions: Patriot Garrison – first house highlights

by Valda Fox

MARVEL Realm of Champions is a real-time mobile RPG that was firs announced back in October. And now the first “House” –Patriot Garrison has been introduced to us.

In Marvel Realm of Champions, MARVEL fans can play as their favorite Marvel character. The players will align with factions known as “Houses” and will be able to team up with their gamer friends for some real-time action in arena and combat against enemies. These battles are just a part of the very epic global war on the planet Battleworld.

Patriot Garrison

The Patriot Garrison house consider themselves a force of justice. The house is located in a very strategic location among the strongest most powerful houses. Patriot Garrison is led by legendary hero Civil Warrior. Patriot Garrison house was frozen in time for almost 100 years. They were punished by Maestro for leading a rebellion. The House only now is finally retaking their rightful place among all the other Houses.

Peggy Carter

The Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the Patriot Garrinson – Peggy Carter. She is in position to declare war or treaties upon other nations. She is elected president by popular vote. Peggy was there when Steve Rogers first became Captain America.

While Peggy Carter was in the line of duty during The Serum Wars she was injured and to save her life she was given the serum, she lost an eye in the attack. Both Peggy and Rogers were fighting against a surprise attack from Maestro which ended in him freezing the whole territory of Patriot Garrison in time. The territory was frozen right until the death of Maestro over a 100 years later.

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