Mobile RPG “A Project” now open for pre-registration

by Valda Fox

A mobile action RPG titleled A Project is now open for pre-registration. The game is developed by Chinese gaming company INUTAN. Pre-registration via Tap is available for all iOS and Android devices. Also if you are to hyped to wait for the game to come out you can do a Chinese questionare and win the chance to take part in the first game test here.

A Project as mentioned before is action packed mobile RPG full of adventures in a multidimensional world. When entering this game players will get to meet a group of young women each with unique personalities. You as a player will be traveling around some unique locations and gather materials and try to help people you will meet on your journey. There will be some typical battles and fishing, harvesting etc.

While you wait for A Project to be released here are some similar games that are already available for download: Spiritwish, Project V4, Magia: Charma Saga.

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