Project V4 a new mobile MMORPG available for pre-download

by Valda Fox

A brand new mobile game developed by NAT Games, titled Project V4 is now available for pre-download on App Store, Google Play and also on the Korean store. The news were announced by Nexon. V4 will be available in 2 different versions one is Version 12+ and the other Version 18+.

Mobile MMORPG – Project V4 main focus is on delivering content, and for players to feel the similar cooperation and competition that they have experienced while playing online games on PC. Developers goal was to bring all that PC open world action into a mobile game. Project V4 also has some stunning quality graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4.

With the help of “Inter Server” up to 100 000 players can play the competitive open world game at the same time. There are six classes in Project V4, each with a different unique fighting style:

Warlord – a close range combat class uses a hammer and gloves to make some real damage

Magician – uses long distance magic spells to make some damage to the enemy

Gunslinger – attacks his enemies from a distance by using long shots and twin guns

Knight – fights his enemies in close range with swords and shields

Blader – uses dual swords for its attacks

Axeler – a hybrid class which attacks by firing an artillery which is attacked to a normal sized ax or a large ax

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