Upcoming MMORPG Lineage 2M Giran 3rd town revealed

by Valda Fox

Video game developer NCSoft has already revealed the information about Diaon and Gludio and now there 3rd town in Lineage 2M Giran has been revealed.

Lineage 2M Giran town

The city of Giran is the biggest trading town in the world of Lineage 2M, it is also a port town. If you are Lineage II fan you may already be familiar with the areas in this town – Medusa Garden, Brreka Den, Marauder’s Camp, Forest of no return, Gorgon’s Flower Garden, Death corridor, Dragon Valley, Cave of Antharas, Giran Harbor, Giran Castle Town.

lineage 2m giran

Players are able to view all these places listed before on Aden’s World Map that has unfolded Lineage 2M storyline at the World Teleport on the World Map menu on the game’s official website. You will see Oren, Aden, Innardel, Giran. New information on the remaining three Lineage 2M territories will be coming soon.

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There will be a lot more info coming very soon because though the Lineage 2M release date in the west is quite far, the Korean version of the game will be released very soon on November 27, 2019.

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