Upcoming mobile MMORPG Lineage 2M

by Valda Fox

First of all, if this is your first-time hearing of Lineage 2M, don’t confuse Lineage 2M with Lineage II. Lineage II is a popular PC game and Lineage 2M will be a mobile game sequel to the PC version of the game. Lineage II was released in 2018 and similar to it Lineage 2M will also have a seamless and massive open world for players to explore.

Lineage 2M story and gameplay

The same as Lineage II the game story follows a fictional  medieval fantasy history through sets of sagas. The gameplay is based upon castle siege system that allows the ones who own castles to set tax rates in neighboring cities and collect taxes on items purchased in stores in those cities. Of course, there are various different bosses depending on the territories you are in. Completing quests and killing monsters is a huge part of this game. Live your life in the game similar as in Lineage II, make alliances with other players and take on your enemies solo or with your new allies.

NCsoft founder and CEO Kim Taek-jin has said some pretty confident and a bit cocky worlds when talking about Lineage 2M: “In the next few years, there will be no game that can technically follow Lineage 2M.” Though to be fair the game will have Full 3D Graphics, 4K UHD resolution; game will have Collision Detection that basically means that the player will be able to feel more realistic impact when interacting with other objects in the game. Another great feature is Seamless Loading – players when wanting to go to other areas in the game won’t have to load into that area, teleport and Wyvern rides will be available.

lineage 2M

Lineage 2M characters

NCsoft is claiming to launch with around a hundred different class types. Right now, in the official website we can see four main classes – Eirna, Ghost Hunter, Regina and Tor. There will be plenty of customization options for players to customize their character to the very last detail to their liking. You of course can level up your character by battling with your enemies in the game. Same as in PC version players will be allowed up o 7 characters per account.

Lineage 2M territories

The same as with characters, familiar territories from Lineage II will be available in the mobile game, but also some new and never seen territories will be added. These classes will be divided into Original Class (all 31 as in the PC version) and Classic Class. Right now, the towns that are revealed in Lineage 2M Giran, Diaon, Gludio and three more towns are jet to be revealed.

Lineage 2M pre-registration

The pre-registration for Lineage 2M is open now for both iOS and Android devices. Pre-register for the game here.

Lineage 2M release date

The Korean version of Lineage 2M release date is very close – November 27, 2019. Though the global release can be expected about six months after the Korean version release. So we will probably get Lineage 2M in summer of 2020.

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