New epic RPG Battle Breakers released for mobile devices and PC!

by Valda Fox

Video game developer Epic Games has finally announced the release of a new tactical RPG titled Battle Breakers. The game is available for download for PC and Android as well as iOS devices. Battle Breakers are inspired by 90s cartoons and was created by a small team at Epic Games.

In this game monsters from space have captured the greatest heroes in this world in a technomagical crystal. You as a player with a help of Battle Pass, Hero Store and Skybreaker Quests, have to put together the ultimate ream of super warriors and fight for your planet’s freedom by one break at once. In this game you will be fighting Big Bosses with massive attacks and special abilities.

Battle breakers are available for download for iOS on App Store, Android on Epic Games App or Samsung Galaxy Store and for PC on Epic Games Store.

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