Plan 8 – upcoming Pearl Abyss MMO open-world shooter

Plan 8 is an upcoming open world MMO shooter coming from the creators of Black Desert franchise – Pearl Abyss. Plan 8 is one of the MMO games that were announced during company’s press conference – Pearl Abyss Connect 2019. Other upcoming Pearl Abyss games are Black Desert 2M (mobile), Crimson Desert (PC), Shadow Arena (PC), DokeV (PC and consoles). Plan 8 is developed for PC and consoles.

Plan 8 co-developed by Conter-Strike creator Minh Le, also known as “Gooseman”. This third-person shooter is set in an open-world where every player has an exosuit. That means that every player will get the chance to feel the superhuman power and do some damage with original and stylish manner – slamming, running through walls, sliding through obstacles. Every player can alter the exosuit to their liking – add extra limbs to your suit, attach blower fans, do as you please and what is most fun for you.

Though the game does not have a lot of info right now, from what we can see in the official trailer that was recently released we can say that the game has some realistic graphics, expansive sci-fi world that promises players some exciting action and big story moments.

You can register for the Plan 8 newsletter on their official website.

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