DokeV – new MMO creature-collecting game coming on PC and consoles

by Valda Fox

DokeV is another upcoming MMO from the Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss, the creator of Black Desert franchise. DokeV is a family-friendly MMO that is being developed for PC and consoles and meant for all ages.

The games title DokeV is read “doh-keh-vee”. Games development is led by a former Black Desert Online Animation Director Sang-young Kim and a former Black Desert Online Game Design Director Suh Won Choi.

Open-world MMO DokeV revolves around “dokebi”. “Dokebi” are these unique creatures who grow and gain power from people’s dreams. As you can see in the trailer there is a huge variety of “Dokebi” creatures. They run around this unique and vibrant world. Many gamers compare this game to Pokémon Sword and Shield because of the creatures and Splatoon because of the visuals. Though most are in agreement that the game looks amazing and definitely will be worth a try.

Though a specific release date for the game is not announced jet we know that DokeV right now is in development and the goal is to open a beta test in 2020.

Here is DokeV official reveal trailer:

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Here are other upcoming games from Pearl Abyss, though they can’t be compared to this game and are definitely not family friendly and for players of all ages – mobile game Black Desert Mobile, Shadow Arena, Plan8 and Crimson Desert.

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