Destiny 2 weekly reset and Season of Dawn – starting on December 10, two items nerfed

by Valda Fox

There are just a few weeks left in first season of Year 3 in Destiny 2 and video game developer Bungie already announced the date of the launch of the upcoming season 9 for players and it will coincide with Destiny 2 weekly reset. The news was shared in Bungies weekly blog post. In this post the company also revealed witch two items that are most divisive and will be nerfed in Destiny 2 – the One-Eyed Mask Titan helmet and The Recluse submachine gun.

Bungie also explains that with the new season starting the players will be losing access to some of the Season of Undying achievements and ranks on December 10. It looks like Destiny 2 will have its official transition to season nine during the weekly reset on Tuesday December 10. Because the Season of the Undying in-game clock that counts down how many days have left in the season coincides with December 10. No further details have been revealed except the fact that the new season will be titled Season of Dawn.

Season of Dawn is also bringing some balance changes. The Recluse submachine gun will receive a damage nerf and the One-Eyed Mask Titan helmet will lose the ability to grant Titans an overshield after scoring a kill. Also, the games latest Exotic weapon Xenophage is not as strong as the players would like it to be and Bungie agrees and fixes the problem and will boost the guns power by 50% in PvE activities.

And these are of course not all the changes that are coming, more news coming soon.

destiny 2 weekly reset

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