Shadow Arena characters revealed with full description

by Valda Fox

One of the games that are in development from Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss – Shadow Arena has revealed the characters that will be in the game with full description of skills and the story behind the characters. Also, Shadow Arena CBT is no open for four days.

Jordine Ducas

If you have played Black Desert Online you may recognize this character. You can see Jordine Ducas in the beginning Black Deserts main quest. He is known as the hero of Serendia but due to a failed attempt to rebel against Calpheon his story is unknown since then. Jordines special features include using his sheald to block and connect combos safely. This character is very good in defense skills though his attack speed may be a bit slower than other characters.

Shadow Arena Yeonhwa


Yeonhwa is a female character who is looking for Black Death. Yeonhwas special features include immense mobility because of her quick chasing skills and very fast basic attacks. Though after those attacks she may need a bit longer cooldown that other characters.

Shadow Arena Ahon Kirus

Ahon Kirus

Ahon Kirus comes from a land called Tarif which is the home of sorcerers. After fighting darkness with Ain Greid by her side she has returned to Tarif and became the leader of it. Her special features include evade, melee and ranged fighting skills. Fast fighting makes this character perfect for more experienced players.

Shadow Arena Gerhard Shultz

Gerhard Shultz

Gerhard Shultz was the ruler of the Sausan region and he once was the champion of the Altinova Arena. This character’s special features include super armor skills that make him very good at taking a hit.

Shadow Arena Haru


Haru is a female character who is an assassin form the region who came to Calpheon in search of he Blackstar. Haru kidnapped Lord Domongatt during the Calpheon-Heidel War and as a reword she took a piece of Blackstar and returned home. Harus special features include Shadow Step with which she controls the start and the end of a fight. She also can easily escape from threatening situations with her agile moves.

Shadow Arena Herawen


In Black Desert Herawen is a magician who is ruling the Kamasylve Temple Church. After the Black Death destroyed the whole continent Herawen cam to the human world and mediated humans from a distance. Herawens special skills include ranged attacks though she has a disadvantage in melee combat. Also, she has a special skill called Kamasylve Tree where she summons the Tree to heal her damaged allies that are nearby.

Read the detailed character description on Shadow Arena official website.

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