Red Dead Redemption 2 zombie mode for PC

by Valda Fox

A new Red Dead Redemption 2 zombie mode on PC has been created by a team of modders and it looks spectacular. The first glimpse at the mode was posted on YouTube on jedijosh920 channel. These people have collaborated through Discord channel and thrown together a few zombie skins and AI that spawns in and rushes players from all sides. The zombies for now are attacking human players with hunting knives instead of biting and attacking with their claws, but still the goal is completed.

What is so fascinating about this Red Dead Redemption 2 zombie mod is how adaptive and elastic the non-player characters truly are. In the video in these almost 13 minutes we see patrons shook and fighting zombies back in saloon. Next the fight is brought outside in the street and then to a more populated town where the zombies just start coming down from the rooftops. The setting of the mod and the melee animations makes this zombie mod look quite promising.

There are some players who say that they have seen teases of an official Undead Nightmare mode in the game on consoles. Though keep in mind that there has not been any official information or announcement of such mode. And from the looks of it fixing bugs on PC is what game developer Rockstar is focused on right now. Though the holiday season may bring us some gifts lets not focus on that and wait for instructions on how to get this Red Dead Redemption 2 zombie mod.

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