Sim Empire – build your ancient city in a new mobile game

by Valda Fox
sim empire

Sim Empire is a new mobile game in which players can create civilizations and run ancient cites. The game is created by a new mobile game developer TKG Technology. The game has just been released and it is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

Sim Empire is a new simulation mobile game, here the player becomes the ruler of a whole city and is able to build his own civilization and manage it. Grow an anciet city great kingdom from just a small village. Players are able to choose from four civilizations – Greece, Persia, Egypt and China. In this game you will have to manage production resources, scientific research, taxes, economic problems, population etc. You can also build an army and go invade your neighnbors in PVP or build an army to protect yourself from attacks from others.

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