Lineage 2M pre-download is now live!

by Valda Fox

The launch of Lineage 2M is on November 27, that is only 2 days away and mobile videogame developer NCSoft has finally announced Lineage 2M pre-download. You can pre-download d the game for both Android and iOS devices here. You can also follow the game launch countdown clock here.

Right now, Lineage 2M pre-registrations have reached over 7 million. Also Lineage 2M new logo has been created to focus more on the 2 (II). Though the launch of the game is only a few days away Aden’s World Map has not been revealed fully. The last territory that was revealed was Lineage 2M Giran town.

Lineage 2M game story follows a fictional medieval fantasy history through sets of sagas. The gameplay is based upon castle siege system that allows the ones who own castles to set tax rates in neighboring cities and collect taxes on items purchased in stores in those cities. Of course, there are various different bosses depending on the territories you are in. Completing quests and killing monsters is a huge part of this game. Live your life in the game similar as in Lineage II, make alliances with other players and take on your enemies solo or with your new allies.

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