Battleborn removed from digital stores and is shutting down

by Valda Fox

2K Games is slowly starting the process of shutting down Gearbox Software’s online multiplayer game Battleborn. The game will go offline in January 2021, it will be become unplayable. There is an official support notice on 2K Game website and a series of tweets from the publisher that announces the games end.

Right now, the shutting down process has started with Battleborn being removed from digital storefronts. Also, you are not able to download the game from Steam, Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Store. AS of February 24, 2020, 2K is ending virtual currency sales platinum in Battleborn. Though the game will become unplayable In January 2021 right now the game servers will still remain active until that time. After that the game will be unplayable and that includes the single-player campaign in the game.

Battleborn publisher is stating that the support for Battleborn is ending in order to focus its resources and efforts on other projects. 2K Games is the one who is leading the shutdown not the developer Gearbox Software.

Battleborn was released in May, 2016 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One and had some mixed reviews. The critics positively rated the hero shooter for its ambition though the negative side was that many thought that the game is grind-heavy and overly complicated. Battleborn was often compared to Overwatch which was way more successful and was released around the same time. In June 2017 Battleborn went free-to-play and the last update was the following September.

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