Call of Duty: Mobile limited time Zombie Mode added

by Valda Fox

Over the weekend video game publisher Activision has added a free Zombie mode to their free-to-play Call of Duty: Mobile game. The Zombies in the Call of Duty franchise have originated a s a secret mode after the end credits from Call of Duty: World at War. In this mobile game it features a configured version of Shi No Numa that players will be able to play with up to four players.

In this mode the players start of with a pistol and a knife, to stop the zombies from coming the player has to board up windows. By attacking and defending players earn points which later can be used on opening new areas, activating traps and purchasing weapons. As you can see the mode plays similar to its console counterparts.

 Enhancement Device is what is new to the e mobile version and it provides buffs like increased damage and quicker reloads by spending points. Talking about new modes there is also a new mode Raid which gives 8-12 rounds of enemies before the boss – giant alien-like scorpion, at the very end.

Activision also shared that Zombie Mode will be here for a limited time but also added that Shi No Numa is one of the many zombie experiences to come to the game. Also Activision to Call of Duty: Moble added Controller Support.

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