Winter Survival: after the last zombie war – new Mobile survival game

by Valda Fox

Winter Survival: after the last zombie war is a new mobile survival game that just started their Open Beta Test (OBT). There is no info on how log the test will run, but game creators will inform the players 7 days before the end of the test. Right now, the game is available for download on all Android devices on Google Play Store and open for pre-registration on iOS devices.

In Winter Survival you enter a Game of Thrones world after the Great Wall has fallen and winter has arrived. You will choose one of the two characters – male or female, customize them and start you journey in this harsh winter as one of the few survivors. Player must build a shelter to survive the cold, upgrade your base, collect resources and collaborate with other survivors and form clans. Allies will come in handy when fighting of hundreds of zombies.

Read the full Guidebook to Explore the Winter Survival World.

winter survival

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