Sandbox MMORPG Dragon Raja ENG version is coming

by Valda Fox

Dragon Raja is a sandbox MMORPG mobile game that is powered by Unreal Engine 4, has had a tremendous success in China and Korea. And now they have announced their plans on launching the game in English. The news was shared on their just opened Facebook page Dragon Raja ENG. No specific date has been announced jet, but let’s stay tuned for more information.

The mobile sandbox MMORPG Dragon Raja is inspired by the bestselling Chinese novel “Dragon Raja”. That is a story of the endless war between humans and dragons. The game brings together Chinese, Japanese and Western cultures.

“The ancient dragons that used to rule the world are about to wake up from their deep slumber and they attempt to govern the world again with ferocious power. But humans with their freedom in their hearts will not succumb to Dragon’s power again. They even risk their lives to become Hybrids of human and dragon in order to save the world out of Dragon’s oppression by equipping with most advanced gears and using the enemy’s power. As the elite human beings with great talents”

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