Mu Legend ends ties with webzen

by Gints Grigulis

Starting November 26 , 2019, Webzen will be ending its service with MU Legend and VFUN will be taking over. You can continue your MU Legend journey by migrating your account.

Following years of service below Webzen, the renowned sequel of the MU Online show, MU Legend is officially being released and run by VALOFE. With a handful of matches under the firm’s name. VALOFE is enthusiastic about providing constant updates for MU Legend to allow players to continue their legendary journey. Future upgrades containing new content and events may also come in the support migration. VALOFE will perform its best for a smooth migration of support.

Migration page:

Create VFUN account HERE

Players can still use their existing accounts through Migration Service to migrate current player information from Webzen into VALOFE. The pre-migration will begin on October 22 2019 up till November 19 2019. To celebrate the service migration, gamers that will submit an application for migration over the said date will get awesome rewards like a 30-day Premium Pass, and 10 Soul Potion 1,000 percent, 10 Shiny Weapon Enchantment, 10 Shiny Armor Enchantment, 5 Red Imprint Scroll, 5 Soul Stone(Mythic) and 2 Amount 80 Armor Set Boxes. For those who wish to migrate their information whenever possible!

Around MU Legend:

MU Legend is the official follow-up to MU Online. It includes smooth and magnificent hack ‘n’ slash combat and also a fascinating world that will satisfy new fans and players alike. Players can Pick from 6 unique courses – Black Lord, Whisperer, Blader, War Mage, Spellbinder along with Black Phantom – and also participate in the endless struggles between the Area of MU and Pandemonium. MU Legend is totally free to play with MMORPG and is available on the VFUN Launcher and online Steam.

Around VALOFE:

VALOFE is a worldwide leader in online games that assembles and develops over 15 PC and Mobile games. VALOFE is also a Global Content Provider that makes a game, video, and marketing content. Founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2007, it’s already established international divisions in Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, and Manila.

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