MARVEL Realm of Champions- Temple of Vishanti house revealed

by Valda Fox

A while ago MARVEL Realm of Champions revealed Patriot Garrison, now video game developer Kabam has revealed the second house in the game – Temple of Vishanti.

Temple of Vishanti is a house for Doctor Strange fans because the house is led by The Ancient One who once was Doctor Strange.  House capital is Kamar-Taj, baron title is The Ancient One with over 14 million accessible timelines and a goal of mystic threat deterrence.

Temple of Vishanti

“[..] the scholars of The Temple have returned to their study of the Caldera and the realities across the Isles. From their capital in Kamar-Taj at the threshold of the swirling dimensional vortex, to their archive of arcane curios in the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Sorcerers Supreme are poised to be powerful players in the coming days if only they can turn their eyes towards the real dangers in front of them, as opposed to those that lie behind a mystic veil…”

Read the full description of the Temple of Vishanti here.

If you don’t already know MARVEL Realm of Champions is an upcoming Marvel-inspired mobile game where players get to play alongside marvel characters and choose their fraction known as “House”. In this game you get to be in a real-time action arena in Battleworld and battle against your enemies and you get to do it teaming up with your friends.  

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