7 things to know before Black Desert Mobile Global release

by Valda Fox

Black Desert Mobile Global release is in less than a week and there are already over 4 million Black Desert Mobile pre-registrations and there are a few things players should know before the game launch if they have not played the game during the soft launch. And even then you might find this information useful.

  • Additional servers guarantied

If you are a player who didn’t get to play the game during the soft launch and you are worried that you are in a disadvantage when starting the game because the server will be full with already advanced players who played during soft launch, don’t worry. Black Desert Mobile will definitely open a server to support the games new players.

  • Connecting between Android and iOS

Black Desert Mobile soft launch was only on Android devices so many players may be worried that after the global launch when iOS opens, they will have to start to play the game from zero on a new device. No worries, as log as you select the same server and are in the same region you can switch between devices and not lose data.

black desert mobile arena
  • Plenty of space for alliances

A good portion of the game is dedicated for alliances and playing with or against your friends. Fighting between guilds on modes like Nightmare or Node War, fighting giant bosses like Guild Boss Rushes. Collaborate with friends in the guild or go on adventures together in Ancient Ruins or PVP modes like Ramoness Arena.

  • Regular updates to balance the game

Game developers will be constantly monitoring the game and listening to player feedback to make the game better. Some of the battle arenas may be very challenging thus many players may experience losing constantly. Developers will adjust and balance the game regularly.

black desert mobie
  • Max level is 55 but not for long

If you are a very passionate player and get to level 55 you may get bored very soon and there will be nothing for you to do. Black Desert Mobile developers assure players that in the near-future update patches there will be new higher levels added. But for now, if you are at level 55, they advise you to try out different classes.

  • Auto combat

The players will be able to use auto combat system only when the Black Spirits have been awaken a second time after the player completes the main quest.

black desert mobile character
  • No changing genders

This means that each character class already has a gender assigned, for example if you want to be Valkyrie you will be a female character, if you want to be a Giant you will be a male character and that’s that. Though the game developers promise additional classes that will have the same playing style as the existing class but a different gender.

You can still pre-register for Black Desert Mobile.

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