Countersnipe – new 4vs4 game for mobile and Steam

by Valda Fox

 Videogame developer and publisher Ninja Kiwi has released a new game titled Countersnipe. The game is a secret sniper game in which players form 2 teams of 4 players and play against each other with a goal to eliminate the hidden snipers in the other team. The game is available for download on iOS or Android devices and on Steam.

In Countersnipe you choose your character, choose your gun and you will be teamed up with other snippers all around the world. Your goal is to wipe out all the hidden sniper agents – opponents. The game features 3 maps with more than 100 hidden spots of spies. Players can choose from 25 types of guns with more than 280 upgrade items and 28 decorative items. Game has more than 180 levels in 9 zones.

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