Nostos – new cross-platform multiplayer for PC & VR

by Valda Fox

Nostos is a brand-new open-world RPG adventure game from videogame publisher and developer NetEase Games. Nostos is available for PC & VR, though it does not require a VR headset, you can play it in standard mode on PC. The game is available on Steam.

Nostos is set in an open world which players take the role of an adventurer and can go explore with your friends, build a base and fight, explore historical traces and remains of the war and find the truth that’s hidden by time.

The game has a stunning open world with day and night and all four seasons, desert, snowfields, grassland and full of animals, seeds that grow. Though the land might seem peaceful it is actually surrounded by the toxic coralseas and the creatures from the coralseas are the enemies.

Though what is impressive is that you can truly explore this game world with sc-fi elements by playing it with a VR headset. This game is a first NetEase VR multiplayer online game that players can play on both platforms PC and VR together.

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