Spellbreak – Anime-based fantasy RPG coming to PS4 in 2020

by Valda Fox

Spellbreak is a new anime-based battle royal RPG game set in a fantasy world  where players will be able to take part in some impressive magic combat. The game is developed and published by Proletariant. Spellbreak Closed Beta for PC is now live and you can sign-up here. But Spellbreak PS4 Closed beta will start in spring 2020. PC and PS4 Founder Packs are also available for purchase. These packs will guarantee players Early Access to the game, exclusive skins etc.

In Spellbreaker players take to role of a mage that is tapping into the power of forbidden magic that is hidden within Gauntlets of various elements, in other words, the player becomes the Breaker. There are different classes for every mage, every class allows a mage to master a specific element. The goal is to become the ultimate battlemage, though the players start the game dropped into the Hollow Lands and equipped with nothing, step by step players increase in power and defeat their enemies.

Though the game right now is announced for PC and PlayStation game creators say: “While Spellbreak has so far been officially announced for PC and PlayStation 4, we are planning to bring it to as many consoles and devices as we can!”

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