Throne of Destiny – new 3D mobile MMORPG launched

by Valda Fox

Videogame developer FunJoy Games have launched a brand-new 3D MMORPG that combines MOBA and strategy. This mobile game is titled Throne of Destiny. The game is available for download on Android devices globally. When the game was at its testing stages it was titled Dragons Breath.

Throne of Destiny allows players to choose from more than 40 different heroes. Characters have unique skills and skins and they can choose and play more than 3 characters at once, even combining skills of heroes and create some powerful combos. The controls in this game are very easy to understand and use. Players can play solo and explore the game map or they can choose to play with friends on the classic MOBA map 1V1, 3V3 or 5V5 or just challenge other players that are in the arena.

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