HeartsWar cute cartoon graphics game by PlayPark

by Gints Grigulis

HeartsWar regenerated God of War New mobile games from PlayPark.com, the best MMORPG game with cute cartoon graphics in the open-world style that will take you on an adventurous journey across a vast land. The main character can change careers freely. Cool and unique costumes Ready to enjoy the battle for the 1st with PVP and Guild War also has the advantage of the mercenary system that will help to play, help attack and fight. 

Available for participation in Closed Beta testing from today – 22 December 2019 for both iOS and Android. Download now !!

HeartsWar regenerated God of War Available to participate in the Closed Beta test today for both iOS and Android. In addition, you can follow more news and other interesting events of HeartsWar Mobile on the website. HeartsWar.playpark.com or on the Facebook Page PlayPark HeartsWar.

WEBSITE ▶ https://heartswar.playpark.com 

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