Red Dead Redemption 2 mod lets animals ride horses

by Valda Fox

It seems only natural that in Red Dead Redemption 2 the humans are the ones riding horses, but apparently it was not enough. Now thanks to a Red Dead Redemption 2 mod this “only humans can ride horses” nonsense will end and every living creature will be able to ride horses. Yay. Now even horses and horses can ride horses and bears can ride horses. What a terrifying image that is.

Red Dead Redemption 2 mod

Though for some reason animals are not very excited about this and it seems that they realize that riding horses is not natural for them. Pir2 Horse TP mode is the one that will let players teleport animals onto a horse that you have assigned by pressing a button. And the animal then just appears on horses back and you can just tell that the animals are quite surprised about this turn of events.

While some animals may look almost natural on the horse larger animals like bears clip through the horse a bit and it just looks terrifying. Look at this bird, so comfortable on horses back.

Red Dead Redemption 2 mod

One horse can carry only one animal, you can teleport only one animal at a time. Though there is an exception – if you teleport a horse onto your horse and if someone is already riding it both will be teleported.

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