Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset comes with a free Copy of Half-Life: Alyx

by Valda Fox

Not that long-ago HTC teamed up with Valve and created HTC Vive VR headset, it was released in 2016. Now HTC has created a new, more powerful headset – Vive Cosmos in October, 2019. But it wasn’t what everyone was expecting and to say that it was a great VR headset would be huge overstatement. Now, after 6 months of firmware and software updates + new faceplate that allows more precise room-scale tracking… HTC has released Vive Cosmos Elite. And now this headset finally has at least a chance to fight for the best VR headset title.

 So what you will get when you buy the new $899 VR headset? You will get 2 VIVE Base Station 1.0, 2 VIVE Controller and Cosmos Elite headset, though that is not all. When you purchase Vive Cosmos Elite you will also get Half-Life: Alyx and a digital code included in the box that will give you 6-month Viveport Infinity membership. This offer will last till June 30. You can buy the new HTC VR headset here.

Though this headset is a huge step up from the Vive Cosmos many professional gamers say that Valve Index is still the best VR headset out there and I have to agree. To be fair Vive Cosmos Elite is $179 cheaper than Valve Index. Also if you want to get your hands on Valve Index you will have to wait a while because currently the shipping time is around 8 weeks. So if you want a VR headset cheaper and sooner Vive Cosmos Elite might be for you. If you are interest watch this detailed and honest review of Vive Cosmos Elite:

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