New VR coloring book – Color Space will reduce stress and help you relax

by Valda Fox

After about two years of hard work a new VR game – VR coloring book titled Color Space was released by Lighthaus Inc. Color Space is available for Oculus VR headsets – Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift/Rift S. The game was created by VR Developers Anna Krasner and Danny Bittman in partnership with Lighthaus Inc. – company that develops virtual reality enhanced education in healthcare and sciences.

Danny Bittman says: “We’ve been working on this thing for about 2 years, and created almost every asset for it in VR with Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, and AnimVR. We made Color Space to help people relax a bit, so all the music and visuals are geared towards just hanging out. We tried to include a mix of scene types for everyone, like nature landscapes, mandalas, sci-fi scenes, and one where a lady bug is as big as you.”

There is a total of 13 life-sized “coloring pages” for you to color at just $9.99. But it is not just the coloring with huge variety of colors and different brushes. One of the very cool things that sets Color Space apart from other coloring games is that as you color, the world that is around you starts to come alive with different animations. For example: rotating planets, flying birds, running rivers etc. And this all accompanied with sounds and music creates just a magical relaxing experience.

And the timing of releasing Color Space couldn’t be more perfect because psychological studies show that adult coloring books have various therapeutic benefits like mindfulness and reducing stress. And everyone could really benefit from reducing stress right now because it looks like 2020 is really not our year with many international conflicts, massive wildfires and now the highly contagious virus. Lets all stay positive, color some magical pictures and reduce the stress.

Wishing you health and calmness.

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